TOEFL and SAT Requirements for the US

Kathy Compagnon, at, a US counsellor based in France who has helped many Florimont students apply successfully to top US universities, writes the following:

TOEFL – Or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is basically a grammar and usage test, administered by ETS (Educational Testing Services) and you can sign up on line at Officially, most schools require that applicants whose native language and language of tuition is NOT English pass this exam. However, most will accept SAT I verbal scores of 600+ or 650+, depending on the school, in lieu.

IELTS is also acceptable. Scores should be at the high end. Check with each school.

If you have very low SAT scores, work to get top marks on the TOEFL as many schools will use it in place of or at least to calm the effects of low SATs in reading and writing (you have no excuse in math!).