Georgetown, George Washington and Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Undergraduate enrolment: 6,813

Rank: 17th

Acceptance rate: 18%

Vanderbilt University has a prime, green location in central Nashville. A medium sized college, Vanderbilt offers a wide variety of courses from engineering to education and with an incredible music program complementing Nashville’s vibrant music scene. Vanderbilt also has impressive sport facilities and competitive teams including: hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer, basketball, swimming but no fencing!

Although Vanderbilt is very centrally located in the heart of Nashville, I personally don’t like the slower southern style of living and remoteness of Tennessee, which is difficult to access. Vanderbilt has a limited international student body.

George Washington University

Location: central Washington D.C.

Undergraduate enrolment: 9,527

Acceptance rate: 33%

George Washington University is a medium-sized college, at the heart of D.C, and offers a wide range of interesting internships across all fields but with an emphasis on politics. On the other hand, the urban location is congested and lacks greenery and a campus community feel. There is a second Mount Vernon campus providing outdoor sports facilities and other dorms.

The Business school seems to appeal to me with a strong international scope pointing to China, which would be a great advantage as many students in Florimont are learning Chinese. There is no fencing club and a limited amount of sports on main campus.

Georgetown University

Location: Washington D.C.

Undergraduate enrolment: 7,579

Rank: 21

Acceptance rate: 21%

Georgetown’s campus is a beautiful blend of 1700’s and modern architecture in a green area of D.C. Georgetown is a Jesuit university and shares similar values with Florimont. The student to teacher ratio is 10:1 which means the classes are relatively small. The University encourages strongly the students to get internships in politics or in one of the many Fortune 500 companies in D.C.

I really enjoyed the feel of this college and campus life as well as the location and the strong academic focus, which is why I want to consider it either as one of my first choices if not as a backup. With a high concentration on sports, Georgetown also has a fencing club giving me the opportunity to continue competing.