Creative Studies – Fashion, Marketing, Journalism, Video, Product Design, Graphics & more

Pupils from Florimont have been invited to the following event.  Let Mr Lally know how it went, if you decide to go.



10th-11th November, 2012
L’Athénée 4, Geneva
12h30 – 18h00

Fashion, Marketing, Journalism, Video, Product Design, Graphics & more
SIGN UP HERE for free participation – still places available!

Dear Mr. Lally,

I am pleased to invite you and your students to explore their field of talent on this interactive Event. I would be very pleased if you could forward it to your students .

Thinking about an exciting career in the creative industries? Want to know more about your career options? Looking for university courses that lead to employment in these sectors? Want to develop skills that will make you stand out from the crowd? Or do you just want to find out what you are good at?

This is a FREE event designed to key students and parents in the area of applied creativity especially in relation to the creative industries. The event is primarily practical and aimed at 15 -18 years of age and their parents. We will have practising professionals from the creative industries on hand plus the following universities will all be running workshops with faculty.

  • Matteo Bardi – Fashion – NABA, Milan
  • Dr Rebekah Jorgenson – Video – Webster, Geneva
  • Dr Chloe Preece – Marketing – Kings College, London
  • Tammy Rosso – Journalism – Webster, Geneva*
  • Rob Leeman – Product Design – Ralpine Design, Geneva
  • Michael Parson – Graphics – Parson Research, Geneva
  • Chloé Briggs – Analytical Drawing – Paris College of Art
  • Adebowale Babington-Ashaye – Photography – Webster, Ge.
  • * – you cannot do the Sunday workshop without having done the Saturday

    Participants need to sign up on following link: and choose among the above mentionned 8 workshops! Please be aware that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Looking forward to welcome many of you there.

With kind regards,
Alex von Arx