Medicine – UK – Foundation Years for Bac Students – Check What Your Medical School Thinks of Bac or Matu!

More information about Medicine –

According to the parent of our Medical applicant this year, the level of Chemistry even in an Bac Scientifique is not considered high enough for entry to UK universities to study Medicine.  In this case, a foundation year is offered by some UK medical school.  Here is the latest information I have about this –

A number of U.K. medical schools have started to offer this Medicine Foundation Year (6 Years in Total) for the following groups of students:-

1) – Excellent students who took the ‘wrong’ subjects to be eligible for regular medicine.  For I.B. students this means, no more than one science subject at Higher Level.

2) – Students from backgrounds that traditionally don’t apply for medicine (low income, certain ethnic groups perhaps).  This forms part of their widening participation initiatives that they are under pressure to offer from the U.K. government.

Cardiff, Manchester and Bristol offer foundation years for students in Group 1.  Kings and East Anglia have foundation programmes for those in Group 2.

There is no information on the UCAS site about the French Bac or the Swiss Maturité.  Probably,  U.K. Medical Schools will deal with students on a case by case basis.  It’s possible that some students taking the Bac S, for example, would be deemed to have too much science for a Foundation year in one university but not enough by another  Each Uni/Medical School will have it’s own position on this.