English-Language Options in Europe – the Netherlands


Netherlands – 13 research unis.  Lots of subjects.  Largest number of Eng lang programmes among all non-English-speaking countries.  Research unis – 3 year degree, faster teaching.  Applied sciences – 4 years, less

Study in Holland website.  http://www.studyinholland.nl/.  Germany, China and Belgium, Spain and France the top 5 groups of international students.

Ask how many countries are in the class.

12 Dutch unis in the top 200 Times Higher Ed World Uni Rankings.  €800 per month living – 400 house, etc.  Etc.  Tuition fees – €1906 per year.  Non EEA 6k to 12.5k.  www.grantfinder.nl Loan tuition fee for EEA students.

Stuidelink – choose bachelor programme of your choice.  Check admission requirements – apply following guidelines.  Register to Studie link based on instructions given by institution. http://info.studielink.nl/en/studenten/Pages/Default.aspx

Average gross starting salary 3.9k