Fee Status – Are You Swiss?

Here is the latest…

« In terms of the Swiss changes, government regulations changed in the summer regarding eligibility for student loans. To be eligible for student loans now a Swiss student’s parents need to be living in the UK. The guidance at the time from the government was that, whilst funding rules had changed, HEIs were allowed to continue assessing Swiss students in the same way as they always had. Those regulations say Swiss nationals who have been living in Switzerland (for at least 3 years) are home provided they are living in the UK on the 1st September. That’s not to say they won’t change their advice on this. If changes do come into effect, they would be based on date of entry into HE and wouldn’t be connected to when applications were made. I’ve seen or heard nothing else since the changes were made. »


So it seems for the moment that our Swiss students (children of Swiss nationals) will continue to classified as Home/E.U. provided that they meet the