When to take SATs and ACTS? What if EA is deferred?

From Peter van Buskirk’s blog

Dear Peter,
I just learned that I was deferred (Early Action) at my first choice school. What kind of email should I write to the university’s rep to show that I am still extremely interested?

Dear Eric,
Sorry to hear about the deferral. At least you are still in the running. It is important that you communicate your continued interest—brief and to the point—to the institution’s regional recruiter for your region. Don’t try to contest the decision or ask for an explanation. Just plan to let your performance over the next two months do the talking.


Dear Peter,
Do you recommend any particular timing for taking the SAT’s in the junior year? My son is considering taking them in January, then again in the spring or next fall. What about the ACT?

Dear Dennis,
I suggest that Juniors plan to take the SAT/ACT once in the early months of the year and once in the fall. If a third testing is desired, it might fit best in the late spring. If your son wants to sample the ACT, I suggest he do it as soon as possible. That way, if he chooses to pursue an ACT sequence instead of one with the SAT, he’ll have time to prepare accordingly.