SAT Scores and Ivy League Schools…

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While it’s fresh in my mind…

We just got some excellent US offers for Florimont students, accepted at Georgetown, MIT, Berkeley, Columbia, Berkeley, Barnard, Emerson and elsewhere.  One of our students has been offered a scholarship, too!

Looking at the SAT scores with one of the students, here are some conclusions –

  • 1900s  are very much at the low end for Ivy League!
  • Reading has to be at least 650
  • One of our students only applied to Ivy League, but with just over 2000 total found it hard to get offers.
  • Even with just over 2150 total, success cannot be guaranteed in getting offers.
  • Think twice before doing SAT II in Physics!  The approach and content are very different to Bac and Matu. At least one of our students did not prepare well enough and consequently did not receive as many offers as he might have…
  • CHECK HOW MANY SAT SUBJECT TESTS ARE REQUIRED as you do your college research – Georgetown, for example, requires 3 subject tests!
  • To be admitted to the top schools (e.g. MIT) you will probably score 750 or more in both the subject tests you take.  A minimum for Ivy League is 700 – 620 is just not good enough!

For interest, below are the SAT scores in relation to admit rates for Georgetown 2013…

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.08.44