University of South Florida, Tampa Bay

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.45.44  Generous scholarships for international students.  E.g. IB, cultural ambassadors (reaching back to their country’s students).

Dr Ralph Wilcox – Provost and Exec VP.

100 public universities recognized for their research – USF is in top 50 for science unis.  Health, literacy, climate change – applied problem-solving.  Learning communities (similar to colleges) around the campus.

Competitively priced – « we kept it that way ».  Lots of international students.  Education abroad experience is expected – partner institutions.  3k international students – 140 countries represented.  But not the majority – revenue-generation is not driving their globalisation push.

240 different degree programs offered.  Other campuses at St Petersberg and Eckerd. 1600 professors.  In 2012, 1 professor selected as professor of the year.  Behavioural sciences.  Business.

Provost –

Why USF?  Ballet, modern dance, music performance, college education.  Everything is offered.  Lower IELTS scored accepted and bridge programs provided to help raise their level.

Salsa club.

DL comment – v international feel to student body, extremely friendly and helpful.  Form great friendships with other students from all over the world.

Dr Kaw – Professor of Mech Engineering.  Good teaching-research balance.

40k students.  V diverse international students – China, India, Saudi, Venezuela, Taiwan, South Korea. etc

Florida as retirement destination means lots of emphasis on medicine and bioscience.

Direct admission – 1200 SATs.  Accelerated – 2.5 GPA.