University South Florida at Florimont

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Vist by Anne Mockensturm

NCA Division 1 – cross country, football, tennis, soccer, track and field, basketball, women’s volleyball.

Hockey – club hockey time.

Global research university. Required to live on campus 1st year.  Different kinds of housing.

Most classes had 20-30 students.

Many resources on campus – residence systems – international student services office.  Counselling, writing lab, tutoring centre.

Wakeboarding club.  30 minutes from beach.  Great climate. Greek life.  Common interest group.  Chocolate group!  Whatever you can think of…Club cricket champions.  Intra-murals – students v students within the university.

Very IB-friendly. Good writing and critical-thinking skills.  SAT or ACT.  OWN APPLICATION SYSTEM – NOT ON COMMON APP.  They do super-scoring.

No SAT subject tests required.

Scholarships – they calculate a GPA score.

You can apply for particular tracks – vague direction you wish to go.

Scholarships office – NCAA.

Opportunity to do research.  Anne’s sister – 1st semester – assistantship to a professor – helped co-author psychology chapter.  She took the initiative.