Concord University, West Virginia

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No Chinese no fencing. Typical US sports.  GOLF SCHOLARSHIPS.  NCAA Division 2 for everything. Last year – more snow than Alaska.

Full tuition scholarships for NCAA Div 2 – lots of athletes tend to pursue sports management or athletic training.

W Virginia – very mountainous.  Rural location.  4 seasons.  Southern hospitality. Ski resort nearby.  3k students.

IB scholarships available.  SAT required but scores only used to place students in

875 in Critical Reading and Math.  ACT testing site.

100 international students.  UK and Nigeria.  Brazil and Nepal.

MAIN MAJORS – Education, Social Work, Pre-Med, Computer Science, Business.

Ski area management.  Golf course management.  Geosciences.  Radio station and TV station.

Greek life, study abroad, White House internships.  Student support.  Learning support.

Quieter area – lots of opportunities for internship and jobs at the local tv stations.

IF IB, NO ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT.  Honours points given for Standard Level subjects – scholarships range from $3k to 6k.

Leadership scholarship 12k – tuition 14k.


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