Pepperdine University

35 mins LA – Malibu.  Top 2 safest communities in US.  Private uni.  3.2k undergrads.

Less emphasis on SAT now – native curriculum performance is considered more important.  More flexibility.  More emphasis on whole person.

28% admit rate.

13-1 student faculty ratio.  Mentorship – close contact faculty-students.

Business, Communications, Media & Theatre.

Sports Medicine and Sports Administration.

Div 1 – golf, tennis

7 Pepperdine locations.  60% study abroad.  DC guaranteed internship programme.  (See brochure for more details).

GPA 3.58-3.94.  IB 5 6 typically.

54th out of 4k unis nationally.

Faith-based institution – but lots of religious diversity.  2 tenets from founder – sense of purpose and servant-minded leaders.  Community-serviced.  Student organisatons etc.  World-religions.