Cornell, Tufts, Chicago, Dartmouth

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All these universities will look closely at the subjects your chose at HL (IB). But you will flexibility – you may have aimed at a particular major but change your mind.

When you put application together, make sure it reflects who you are.  Be proud of who you are.  Be yourself.

Cornell -14k students, Ithaca, upstate – classic college town.  Lots of faculty teaching.

Chicago – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Core curriculum.  Grea books curriculum.  19 max in class.  Discussion based classes from Year 1.  Multi-disciplinary approach.  Research opportunities. Early Action. Higher admit rate in the early round – c50% of early round.

Dartmouth – New Hampshire – very rural.  Mountains, forests, river.  Largest land-owner in state.  Own ski mountain, own garden, network of cabins.  Student-run lodge in mountains. 4k.  Smallest Ivy-league.  Undergraduates are the focus.  Get to know your faculty – babysitting.  College will pay for you to take your professor out to lunch.  Unique feature – academic calendar.  D plan – lots of flexibility.  1 summer term must be spent taking classes on campus – then you can take a term away at some other point. E.g. can do internships at less popular times.  Lead the Ivies in terms of study abroad.  Individual path through the university. 35% through early decision.  Strong advantage.  TOEFL mostly required.

Tufts – Boston – great location – just north of Boston.  Under the river – stop at Harvard, then MIT, then Davis.  If unsure of what you want on a campus.  Internships can be done a couple of days a week for credit – 15-20 minutes to Boston.  5k undergrads.  Lots of double majors – trying different things.  Different views, being out of your comfort zone.  Highly intellectual.  « Cool to be smart » – accomplished, brilliant.  Reliably unpretentious.  Excited about academics but lots of things going on. Early Decision – nearly 50%!  Not easier to get in but regular is harder.