Concordia & Bishop’s

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Montréal – French & English.

Concordia – 5k courses.  46k students. Levels similar in the various universities.

7 universities in Montréal – Montréal, McGill, Québec à Montréal, Concordia…

Lots of experiential programs.

Arts & Science…biggest Fine Arts in Canada.  Biggest film festival in Canada. Journalism etc.

Big engineering & computer science…gaming industry.  John Molson School of Business.  Can take a real mix of classes.

Applications – March 1st or March 15th application deadline.

Concordia – have to put them in order of preference – 27 points. Business 28.

Average class size 32 in 1st year – then it reduces.  If French citizen, c $13k per year.  Otherwise 20-25k $.

Bishop’s – various choices. 26 points. 4 in Maturité.