Doing IB can lead to in-state tuition fee status in some universities and also 3 years instead of 4 years.

US Universities and the IB

Counselling IB Students Session (NACAC Conference 2013)

  • Why do the IB? Great prep for Columbia education (for example). Good prep for Liberal Arts study.
  • Enables students to explore for themselves – Extended Essay for example. Put EE on your application, maybe
  • Very portable programme. World perspective. Uni Toronto – excellent prep especially for 1st year uni studies…
  • V straightforward for admissions people. Sometimes, a little science-lite for certain course choices.
  • Looking for strong Higher Levels
  • If language of instruction has been English, no lang test needed. If only one class has been in English, this needs signalling in the school profile.
  • If English has been done at HL, no test needed at many unis.

IB & Swiss University Entrance

Swiss universities don’t count TOK.  32 out of 42 is normally required.  EPFL ask for 38 points, and Science and or Maths must be taken as higher level subjects.  Geneva doesn’t insist on this.  For EPFL, you must get an average of 70% in Maths, Physics  or Chemistry (higher level), your mother tongue and in a foreign language.

Maths Studies, Art and Film are not recognised, though if you are applying for Art or Architecture, higher-level Art is accepted.