McGill Summer Programme

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Following the great success of our previous Summer Academies, we are happy to announce the dates for McGill Summer Academy 2020!

From July 5-18 and July 19-August 1, students in grades 10 and 11 from across the world will have the opportunity to participate in classes, workshops, and social activities introducing them to university life, McGill, and Montréal – all while being hosted in a McGill Residence!

The application deadline is February 6, 2020.

Those interested in learning more about the McGill Summer Academy can refer to our website andjoin our mailing list to receive updates on the 2020 program!


McGill Summer Academy Team

McGill University

McGill – Latest News

  • Interactive question/answer system, where students can get answers to a wide variety of McGill-related questions at
  • Our online viewbook can be found at . This includes
  • The Course Calendar is available online at
  • Admission requirements (in terms of prerequisite subject requirements), document requirements and how to upload to the application, the online application and much, much more info is found at
  • Information regarding providing proof of English proficiency is at
  • The application deadline for students studying outside Canada is January 15.  Students apply through the online application found note that this is an application-only deadline.  The deadline to receive supporting documents is later (March 15), but students will want to upload their documents as soon as they are available as a program can close before the deadline date if it has reached capacity.
  • Supporting documents are uploaded by the student directly to their file – we review for admission on these unofficial, uploaded documents.  More info on submitting documents and other information students should be familiar with at
  • Students with high academic achievement and leadership qualities may be interested in submitting an application for a major scholarship.
    Students requiring some additional financial assistance can apply for the Entrance Bursary program.
    Information regarding Entrance Scholarships and Student Aid can be found at
  • Admitted students are not mailed an official letter of offer of admission as it is available as a PDF through the student’s Minerva account. Important information for admitted students is found at

Concordia & Bishop’s

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Montréal – French & English.

Concordia – 5k courses.  46k students. Levels similar in the various universities.

7 universities in Montréal – Montréal, McGill, Québec à Montréal, Concordia…

Lots of experiential programs.

Arts & Science…biggest Fine Arts in Canada.  Biggest film festival in Canada. Journalism etc.

Big engineering & computer science…gaming industry.  John Molson School of Business.  Can take a real mix of classes.

Applications – March 1st or March 15th application deadline.

Concordia – have to put them in order of preference – 27 points. Business 28.

Average class size 32 in 1st year – then it reduces.  If French citizen, c $13k per year.  Otherwise 20-25k $.

Bishop’s – various choices. 26 points. 4 in Maturité.

Unviersity of Guelph – Canada

  • Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 14.11.34
  • Very straight-forward application process.  Student Profile Form.
  • Most important factor is the grades.
  • Guelph looks to accept as many students as possible with good drades
  • Canadian residents – fees.
  • International fees – yellow rectangle – p16 at back of international brochure
  • Scholarships available – merit-based, 5-8k.  Needs-based also.
  • c18k to 23k.  Most costly – engineering, computing, commerce.
  • Working on campus is easily-available.  Part-time work possible – 15-20 hours per week.
  • Or work with a company relevant to the degree.
  • 3 years residency possible after graduating.
  • Minimum IB 28.  For Engineering, minimum of 30.  Maths studies not accepted for any programme which mentions maths.
  • French Bac 12 out of 20.
  • English Proficiency – IELTs or TOEFL.
  • Can apply through $144or direct apply p13 in brochure.
  • Deadline is March 1st. Accept documents up until May 1st.  After this time, not enough time for student visa.
  • 51 years old.  Originally 3 colleges which amalgamated.
  • 1 of best for agriculture, sciences and environmental sciences.
  • Over 900 international students on campus.  Veterinary college also.  2 years of undergrad, then can apply for doc of vet medicine.  Then can start in final year undergrad.
  • Animal science undergrad.
  • 1 hour from Toronto – biggest city in Canada. 5 hours from Ottawa.  Western University, McMaster University.
  • 2 campuses.  Vet technologist programmes.  Guelph-Humber programme.
  • Small city – 121k inhabitants.  Farms, cows but also theatres, shopping malls.  Good public transportation.
  • ONe of the safest cities in Canada.
  • 1st year housing guaranteed.
  • 3 residential regions.  1800, East residence – appartment, North – trad type
  • 18k undergrads.
  • 1-23 ratio in63% of classes.  Get smaller after 1st year.
  • Smaller seminars for deeper study.
  • 2k graduate students.
  • Residency can be on basis of interest, academic major.
  • Intramural programme for students who don’t have the sport level for Varsity Sports – various levels
  • Guelph students enjoy their time there and stay!  All professors have phDs and 90% of graduates find jobs after graduation.
  • Coop options – direct application into the programme.  If don’t get in, considered for that programme anyway.
  • 56 exchange programs in 30 countries
  • Co-operative Education – practical application of classroom learning.  Competitive programme. – work experience and earn good money at the same time.
  • Bachelor of Science – e.g. Bio-Medical Science.  Marine and Freshwater Biology.  (Only offered by Guelph, UBC and Novia Scotia)
  • Guelph-Humber – smaller, smaller class-sizes – combination of uni education with college in Canada- more practical, vocational degree.  Media Studies, Business Administration, Applied Science.  2 credentials.
  • IELTS 6.5

Canada Deadlines – A Selection

15th January – McGill – students send their own bulletins.

31st January – British Columbia – see

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 16.14.40

1st February – Concordia – see

16th Feb – Toronto – see

1st April – Bishop’s – see