US Universities Meeting – Institut le Rosey

Northwestern University insisting on TOEFL, despite your

BESPOKE – Paris.  ALPHA PREP – US.  Jen Koller does a good job, too.

Under 600 SAT, take TOEFL or IELTS.  Hard to get a TOEFL test date.  $250.  Carouge or ICC Centre near Airport.

ACT moving to computer test.

Possible for Florimont to become a closed TOEFL centre.  IELTS can be taken in Geneva, we think.  It is also cheaper.

All current US applicants need to prepare a résumé, annotated, for June 15th.  Also a list of 10 US universities.

Common App prompts are available at  Look at these, choose 1 that suits you and produce a 1st draft for June 15th.

Your parents need to complete a questionnaire.

George Washington University – needed boys and high scores this year. Cornell rejected some high-level applicants but were generous with some others.  Family contacts count less now.  Columbia not worth applying to.

University of Penn – ED helps.

NYU – some good acceptances.  Liberal Studies in particular.  SATs less important.

Chicago good. Boston Uni – liberal studies again is easier.  IB 36 plus.  Bentley – IB 6 point average, according to the uni.  EDs ok. Stern – Business School at NYU.  Babson.  Bennington.  Marist- very accepting – Lynn also.  Watch your application doesn’t get lost!  Delaware  very good – good campus.  Hobart a good safety option. Wake Forest – will take a lot ED.  They like the internationals.

Lower grades –  Bryant, Bishops, Concordia, Elon, Tampa, Wheaton, maybe Amherst, Lynn. American University.  Florida Atlantic. Stonehill. Salve Regina. Lake Forest. Nice campus but boring! Great facilities.

Fordham is now harder.  Bucknell also accepting. Great place.  Kids from Ecol Int love it.  North Western hard to get in – Rosey kids love it.  Fantastic engineering.  Clemson, South Carolina v accepting. North Eastern – harder.   Furman – lots of Christians.

Canada – McGill Karen J’Bari – Business harder.  Arts and Sciences easier.  Business at Toronto harder – choose commerce otherwise you will end up far away!  Separate IB document needed.

Canadian Universities

Quest Canada – brand new.

Newest Canadian university – British Columbia.