Medicine – Update

In the UK, medical schools want you to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology and have good results in these subjects – preferably externally assessed.

You MUST have work experience in the caring professions, but for Oxbridge more than this is needed – perhaps medical research at a university.  A gap year may well be needed.

There are lots of places in Europe to study Medicine (for example the Netherlands), but understand that after the 1st 3 years in English, the tuition switches to the language of the country!

Medicine in Europe and the Middle East, Taught in English

A colleague from a Swiss international school has been researching the availability of Medicine  – here are her findings.

Entrance tests can be quite difficult.  Fluency in the country’s language will be required sooner or later to treat the locals!  Although practical work can be possibly done elsewhere.

Charles University, Prague – 5 months in English pre-med course.  Can practise in the EU.

Royal College Surgeons Bahrain – link to Ireland.

In the Netherlands:

In Italy:

In Spain:

In Poland:

In Bulgaria:

In Ireland:

In Czech Republic:

In Hungary:

In Romania:

US Style Degree Courses in the UK

UCL have already introduced a liberal arts degree, it’s called ‘Arts and Sciences
They may be looking to attract students who have a broader secondary education.
Kings College London have a similar programme called, ‘Liberal Art
As it stands at the moment, they are the only two institutions offering this.
Durham has broad based, social science, arts and science programmes.
Scotland also gives more breadth, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc.

China? Maastricht? Or New York?

Interesting article from the London Guardian about cheaper options for English-language university study in Maastricht, scholarships in China and more expensive options in the US…