Dutch Universities – Overview

Jon Halden at the International School recently visited the Netherlands and wrote up his findings.  Here are some key findings.  Thanks to Jon for being, as usual, very generous in sharing his finding with other schools!


Anne Kuijs – a.kuijs@tilburguniversity.edu

  • small city – between Amsterdam and Brussels
  • Campus – not common in Netherlands
  • Students tend not to live on campus – city centre
  • International Business Admin – Econ (top programme in Netherlands) – Econometrics – Global Law (unique in Europe) – Liberal Art & Sciences
  • Small programmes – e.g. Econ 50 students
  • Employability – Econ graduates to LSE, 1 to Yale
  • ING Dutch Bank loves their graduates

Amsterdam University College

  • international feel
  • a bit bleak?
  • expanding to 900 from 700 students
  • 3 liberal arts programmes – humanities, social sciences and science
  • Maths requirement high (IB 6 points)
  • 32 IB points or equivalent required for entry
  • 5 times as many applications as places

University College Utrecht

  • intimate, friendly campus
  • 1st liberal arts college in Netherlands
  • 700 students
  • cross-fertilization – science majors take courses in humanities and vice-versa
  • academically-charged and highly-motivated environment
  • 16 hours per week contact time – 4-7 hours self-study per course
  • IB 34-46 to do well there

Leiden University

  • oldest and highest ranking in Netherlands
  • no campus – integrated in beautiful town
  • small number of degree programmes in English – liberal arts at the University College based in Hague
  • 45 credits out of 60 required by end of 1st year to go to 2nd year.  6-10 needed to get credit for each course.
  • Drop-out rate 30%

Erasmus University – Rotterdam

  • large buildings but modern facilities
  • Economics and Business Management particularly strong
  • non-compulsory mass lectures – mandatory workshops and seminars (20-30)

Other Info

  • university colleges looking for 32 IB points or more or equivalent
  • some Science programmes require you to have studied all 3 sciences during 1ère and Tle – only Maastricht has relaxed this requirement.  Otherwise, take a test to demonstrate your proficiency.
  • Letter of motivation needed – non-academic factors as well as academic credentials
  • Fees – €1800 per year tuition (true cost €8000).  University colleges €3500 per year
  • Drop-out rate 30% – Uni Colleges 8-10%
  • apply online via uni website.  May also need to register with Studielink.

Dutch Universities Update

Rotterdam – can apply fairly late.

Maastricht. Free University of Amsterdam.  University of Amsterdam.

Courses not easier!  65% drop-out rate in 1st year.

3 years there is cheaper than 1 year in the UK.

Eindhoven – Institute of Technology.

University colleges ask for more.

V high level of Maths needed in some courses.

Can be happier at smaller colleges.  Residential programme.  Roosevelt.  Vlissingen – business, tourism, vitality, delta management.  For example http://hz.nl/en/studyprogrammes/Bachelor%20Degrees/international%20Business%20and%20Management%20Studies/Pages/Programme-IBMS.aspx