Update 2015

Getting into Engineering – Dr Dave Brtnell, Warwick, Liam Madden, Imperial London

  • UK is desperately short of Engineers

  • If sb is interested in applied science, direct them to engineering.

  • 23k engineering graduates per year – not enough!

  • Bucking the trend of pay rises – good pay

  • Warwick University School of Engineering

  • Imperial have individual departments but Warwick is general engineering

  • Can specialise later.

  • Intake target 255 Home and EU. Maths and Physics top grades ie A. 3Rd subject optional – another science based subject – Meng A, Beng B

  • No interview.

  • Broader engineers. Imperial deeper engineers.

  • Gap years welcomed.

  • Beng and Meng courses.

  • Work placements excellent idea.

  • Can move between Beng and Meng courses subject to good grades.

  • Ability to take year in industry at any point after 1st year.

  • Exchange years for MEng third year – e.g. Autstralia, Canada, Europe and Japan

  • Good pastoral care – personal tutors.

  • If miss offer (just), this will be reviewed (firm offer)

  • If Warwick as insurance and miss firm offer, will be confirmed at Warwick.

  • If no decision, phone them.

  • Clearing is sorted pretty quickly. Go to the website. Students contact the unis to see if they can obtain a place.

  • Adjustment period – students who meet and exceed the terms of their conditional offer. Students have 5 days to seek a place at another uni while firm place is helpf for them. May enable to go to higher ranked uni – but may be at back of queue for uni accomodation.

  • Imperial Maths A*, Physics and various options – SEE IMPERIAL SLIDE. 2K applicants for 150 places in computing etc, whereas 400 applications for 50 places for Biomedical Engineering.

  • Biomed Engineering – A* A A etc etc

  • 1st 2 years provide the platform for specialisation. 4 year programme – 2 years compulsory, then 2 years optional courses.

  • Can be taken across the Faculty.

  • Business school is graduate-only. Encouraging entrepreneurs, start-ups.

  • Check accreditation by Institutes of Engineering

  • UCAS application form. Point to –

    • achieved grades

    • predicted grades

    • optional qualifications

  • Need to do other stuff – work-life balance

  • Personal statement –

    • Medics must refer to biomed technology

    • Outreach activities

  • Pre-processing of UCAS application form. In 2014, 1/3 of Imperial places went to most highly ranked near-misses.

  • Offer grades are usually higher than published grade requirements.

  • IB 666 people are on 1st and II.i students whereas the A-level “equivalents” more likely Ii.ii.

  • Why are offers higher than published?

  • PS focus on one area if applying to both Imperial and Warwick, for example.

  • CEng – chartered engineer. SHOW AWARENESS OF THIS IN PS. Meng courses acrredited as fully stisfying the educational base for a Ceng. Beng partly satisfies. Engineering and Business do not contain enough engineering – so not accredited.

  • 2nd 2 years are determined by requirements of whichever accrediting body the student is working towards

Bath University Visit

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 09.50.39IMG_0910University of Bath Oct 2014 (click on this link for the presentation)

Many thanks to Mme Van Wauwe, Head of the Parents’ Association, for organising this meeting.

Here are my notes from the meeting –

Mechanical Engineering best in country. Possible to study Architecture and Engineering together. Psychology,  Health Education , Economics and  Social work.   No 1 Natural Sciences, Management and Business.

60% placement during 3rd year…leading companies. Including abroad. Very employable students. Lots of research. Campus. All very concentrated and convenient.  Olympic pool lots of sports facilities. Students union.

14 15 French Bac.

Aston University

A quick flick through the prospectus reveals specialisms in the following areas –


Biology and Bio-medical Science

Design, Business, Marketing and Finance.