University of Arts London – Visit to Florimont

My notes from the meeting with Jean Michel Brawand, Recruitment Representative.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him at

  • 6 x campus
  • Film, graphic design, drama, architecture, fashion marketing, sound, theatre design, graphic design, art theory, journalism
  • Apply thru Foundation – non-portfolio – anything related to the business side.  Majority require portfolio.
  • IELTS 5.5 – foundation.  Language classes available.e full wor
  • EU (including Switzerland) via UCAS.  International via you.
  • Portfolio – in progress
  • PS – why that particular school and what sets them apart – reading, politics, psychology – need to be thinking.  What sets them apart? THE EARLIER THE BETTER.
  • Courses that demand portfolios need to be decided on fast.
  • There are specialized foundations – watch out!
  • Best alumni – fashion design – best in world – Alexander McQueen, John G, Stella M, Jimmy Chung.
  • Acting – Tim Roth, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, Russell Brand (got kicked out).
  • Directors – Mike Lee, Josh Oppenheimer, Steve McQueen
  • Artists – Gilber & George, Lucien Freud
  • Singers – PJ Harvey, MIA, Jarvis Cocker, The Clash – 3 members.  All did Fine Art.
  • 1/4 of student international.  Alumni – good network.  E.g. strong in France.  Ideas for Switzerland.  Lebanon, Jordan – openness.
  • Film, studios, wood workshops, photography students.
  • Students have acces to all 6 campuses.  Fashion library – Oxford Circus – BEST IN UK.
  • Camberwell – close-knit.  Known for fine arts and illustration.  Tradition – working with materials directly – sculpture – NOT DIGITAL
  • Central Saint Martins – risk-taking, provocation, pushing the boundaries.  A real mix in the café.  Tense climate.  Elite.  Fashion design the most competitive in the world to get into.  IF DECIDE LAST YEAR NO CHANCE.  Those who get in – 4-7 years of sketchbook.
  • Every other course – 2 years should be fine.
  • Film – make film.  FASHION CAN’T BE FAKED.
  • Chelsea – most academic – art theory, curation, fine art. Research-based ethos.  Should be reading – McCluhan, Chomsky, Cage, gender studies.  PS – areas other than art – human experience.
  • London College of Communication – the major school.  Photography, film, screen-printing – the full works.  EMPLOYABILITY – everyone is working in the field.  Internship – 2nd year.
  • London College of Fashion – 76 courses offered – only fashion uni in Europe.  All aspects of Fashion – from beginning to end.  Cosmetics, women wear, shoes. Accessories.
  • Wimbledon – Theatre Design & Fine Art.  Immediate employment in West End, Madame Tussaud’s etc. Saatchi’s contemporaries.  15 mins from City – quiet – trees – People who need quiet and head space.  Everyone gets a studio.
  • Accommodation – some central, some not. Do it first year then find a flat together.  BUT CAN STAY AS LONG AS THEY WANT.  Prices.  Hoxton – East London (very artsy – Brick Lane, Hackney)  Expensive.  Tooting, New Cross (Peckham) (gentrification – increasingly arty) – south, cheaper.
  • West London – fashion events.
  • North London – alternative scene – Camden.
  • Squats – the further north you go.  Finsbury Park.  Industrial buildings.  Fine artists – north or south.
  • 200 museums, lots of students.  Great place to create contacts.
  • ALL TEACHERS ARE WORKING ARTISTS – actual cinematographers, fashion people
  • External lectures by industry insiders.
  • CSM – baptism by fire – independence. Essays at end of every term but it’s up to you to pursue your own practice (Fine Art course) cf Film (LCC) – live editing. (sent home if late).  A contact is doing Rihanna’s clothes.

Foundation and Year 1 Programmes 2015

Pathway Programmes for International Students – Duncan Quirk, Amit Khnadelwal (Kingston International Study Centre)

  • International Foundation Year

  • International Year One

  • Private Providers – Study Group, Bellerbys College, Kaplan, Navitas, Cambridge Ed Group, Into

  • BellerbysCollege – 6th form colleges

  • Courses designed in conjunction with the universities – Keele, Lancaster, Leicester, Royal Holloway, Surrey, Sussex etc

  • Typical barriers – entry requirements, language barriers, passing the first year

  • English language programme, needs assessment, termly assessment, smaller classes, extra hours of tuition, family atmosphere and pastoral support

  • courses validated by host university – quality assured

  • International Foundation Year – IB finishers with lower academic scores, lower IELTs results. Need an idea of what and hwere they wish to study.

  • Foundation year offers academic development linked to chosen degree.

  • 26 points IB (and a couple 20 upwards)

  • International Year 1

  • replicates 1st year of undergrad programme – direct route to year 2 of an undergrad degree.

  • Huddersfield, Keele, Leeds, Lincoln, Leicester,

  • Who for? Upgrading Eng lang scores. Need an extra offer outside of UCAS. Need extra support during the 1st year at university. Need a secure place before

  • IB 22, 24, 29 – Huddersfeld, Kieele, Sussex for example (compared with 30s otherwise)

  • Kingston London – entrepreneurial. Start-up companies

  • Can apply thru UCAS, but also via Study Group for International Year 1

  • Case study – UCAS Lancaster and Essex. Clearing options – low ranked. Studied Sussex I Y1 – now completing 2nd year Sussex, Bsc Finance and Accounting.

  • Bob with IB 32, IELTS 6.0. Accepted at Keele, but knew he’d only just scraped in. Wanted a 1st or II.i. so did Keele Business IY1 to get more support.

  • Study Group Course Finder –

  • Have to stay at the same university you’ve started at.


  • Cost – £10-15k foundation programme. Varies by university and pathway. E.g. engineering tends to be more expensive.

Foundation Years – Update

12. Foundation programmes in the UK Decrease in number of offerings of foundation programmes – in both international and EU students. Private foundation programmes may be the way forward.

For students who don’t do IB/AP:

Kings – English learning centre quite popular but only 33% success rate.

INTO more popular >60% success rate of continuation of education after 1 yr foundation.

CATS College – boarding and foundation courses. Very expensive. Not selective.


SOAS – foundation courses

Reading – international foundation programme

Southampton Solent – lots of different courses for low academic achievers.

Many degree courses with Integrated Foundation year are found through UCAS – reduced entry requirements.

Foundation Years

Just got this email from Kaplan, a very good test prep company.

Here are the 2 attachments –

UK_Pathways_Mini-Brochure US_Pathways_Mini-Brochure


De : Catalina Powell []
Envoyé : jeudi 13 février 2014 16:28
À : info Florimont
Objet : Universities in the UK and USA


Good Afternoon


I would appreciate it if you could pass this information on to the right person at the school


I work for Kaplan International Colleges, one of the world’s leading education companies. We have had one of your students studying with us recently in London, so I thought it would be good to contact you and introduce our university programmes so you can offer them to other students who may be interested.


We offer university pathway programmes in the UK and the USA, where students come to us and prepare for their studies at international colleges inside the university’s campus, and then progress to the university for their undergraduate studies. Below are some of the universities we offer:

–        University of Liverpool

–        University of Westminster (London)

–        University of Bournemouth

–        University of the West of England (Bristol)

–        Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

–        PACE University (New York City)


We also have a generic Foundation in London where students prepare for university studies and then have access to a wide range of universities that recognise our programme and allow them to apply, including Durham University, University of Bath, University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh and University of London, amongst many others.


When students complete our programmes, they will have direct entry to year 1 or year 2 of their chosen university (depending on subject chosen and preparation programme studied).


Our programmes are for:

–        Students who do not meet the English language entry criteria for direct university entry; or

–        Students who do not meet the academic entry criteria for direct university entry (grades from high school are not high enough or unsuitable); or

–        Students who want to do an English language + academic taster programme in the UK for 6 or 9 months when finishing high school, after which they may or may not study their degrees in the UK


Please let me know if you are interested and I can give you more information


Many thanks for your time


Kind Regards





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