LSE Update – 2015

LSE Visit

  • London School of Economics 30% and Political Science 70%

  • Dedicated social science institutions

  • No transfers when you’re in

  • Founded 1895

  • Founded by Fabians – Webbs, GB Shaw

  • “for the betterment of society”

  • Training policy makers of tomorrow

  • Part of University of London

  • 10.8k students in Uni London totally

  • Compact city centre locations

  • LSE degree

  • Research-led institutions

  • 52% female

  • Accomodation within walking distance

  • Lively, cosmopolitan

  • Only DEDICATED social science institutionsNobel prize winners e.g. Pissarides – teaching here

  • Leading academics and top students

  • Real world focus

  • 69% international students. UK 50%, 10% EU

  • Near Westminster (politics), City (finance).

  • Public lectures

  • LSE Summer Schools

  • 3 years, apart from PPE 4 years

  • Bsc, LLB

  • Sept-May 2 x 11 week teaching terms, then 7 week term.

  • 4 courses, usually year long but some half units

  • 4 classes and 4 lectures – 8-12 hours per week. 15 hours personal study on top. HOW SELF-MOTIVATED?

  • LSE 100 – unique compulsory course

  • Papers throughout the year. All exams held in May and June. Single 3 hour written exam for each subject. 100% mark rests on final exam.

  • Language centre – e.g. Mandarin, Arabic

  • Library – British Library of Political and Econ Sciences. Europe’s largest social science library. Long opening hours. Access to UoL colleges libraries.

  • Guaranteed accomodation for all first year undergraduate, study abroad students and most grad students – 2nd and 3rd year undergrads housing lottery, £180 per week on average rental.

  • LSE Students Unions, Uni of London “Student Central”

  • Tuition fees £17k undergrad. £1.2k per month total expenses – housing, food, books. Can work 20 hours per week on Tier 4 visa and more during holidays.

  • £30k for 3 years

  • £15m made available to LSE students annually

  • Careers – media, PWC, banks. Careers service. Uni of Year for Grad Employment – Times guide. Average starting slary of grads is £9k higher than national average.

  • Open Day 1 July

  • Email

What We Look for in an LSE Student”

  • ratio 10:1 applications to places (elsewhere between 5-8 – Oxford, King’s etc)

  • Students on an upward trajectory

  • 18, applications for 1.5k places

  • 12:1 overall, but most competitive – Law and Econ – for anthropology and sociology 7:1

  • IB 38 (766), 37 (666)

  • Some subject specific requirements e.g.HL7 Maths

  • Meeting entry requirements doesn’t guarantee an offer

  • Doesn’t matter when application arrives before Jan15th

  • 1st checked by Admissions Assessors, then to Admissions Selectors (specialists and tutors)

  • Very few marginally missed offers are confirmed

  • LSE has not been in Clearing or Adjustment for year…

  • Admission Myths –

    • will reject me because my predicted grades aren’t AAA”

  • Reference is crucial – realistic predictions – place in context with others – hard work? Independent study? – commitment to subject area – school issues-limitations – personal issues/domestic circumstances. How good is the student compared with previous years?

  • Independent thinker? Emphasise work, independent studying

  • Personal Statement: the usual.

  • Alex Ingold – Undergrad Admissions Manager, Will Breare-Hall

  • DL’s take-away – the PS (and school reference) have to be ruthlessly academic, factual and concise. Zero “guff”! These elements, plus the predicted grades are all they have to go on – unlike Oxbridge…Absolute clarity and focus on the subject being applied for are essential, otherwise forget it.

Business at Queen Mary’s, London

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.13.37

As business and society changes, so too must business educators adapt the ways they prepare graduates to be active employees, managers, entrepreneurs and citizens.

The School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London is proud to introduce two new degree programmes designed to meet the needs of future decision-makers in the fields of Accounting and Marketing.  We would like to reintroduce you to the school and our three undergraduate programmes.

We have historically offered just one undergraduate degree course in BSc Business Management, which contains a wide choice of options that allow students to tailor the degree to suit their interests. The new BSc Accounting and Management and BSc Marketing and Management take a more structured approach with an increase in compulsory modules, some of which have been written specifically for each pathway, to ensure graduates have the requisite skills and knowledge for a jumpstart into these professions.

Active participants in economy and society require an understanding of the technical issues and practices of business, with an awareness of the potential impact of business activities. Our graduates leave with a nuanced understanding of the tension and debates surrounding businesses’ role in society, along with the technical abilities to work confidently with complexity and uncertainty. However professionally minded, we pride ourselves in being ‘not just another business school’. We have embedded this ethos through our courses, through our recruitment of an eclectic group of academics and most importantly through attracting the best and brightest students who want more than just the acquisition of technical skills. This continues to ensure that the School of Business and Management enjoys a thriving intellectual and social atmosphere.

The School of Business and Management’s mission is one that emphasises the symbiotic relationship between business and society, which is also about life inside and outside the lecture theatre. For example, our current students are playing active roles in social enterprises that include framing and implementing marketing strategies, mentoring children from economically disadvantaged households and learning first-hand how business and society interact. Studying at Queen Mary offers a myriad of opportunities for personal academic and professional development in a richly diverse environment.

QMUL School of Business and Management 2015 e-brochure

Please follow the link above to our new Undergraduate Degree e-brochure.  If you would like more information about our programmes, please contact James Boote at

With best wishes

Professor Martin Laffin

Head of the School of Business and Management

Queen Mary University of London

Music – London

Goldsmiths is always worth a look and Royal Holloway if you don’t mind the outskirts.

Politics Courses in London

If you wish to study Politics, Government or similar courses, consider Warwick but only LSE if you are more than outstanding (ie consistently 17+ out of 20 for the Baccalauréat, or 6 for the Maturité).

Kings London has a course called Politics of the International Economy is worth looking at if you are not at the LSE level!

Plus there are loads of Economics/Politics courses that are a better fit than LSE.