Engineering in the UK – Advice

You will need to be A-level Maths familiar.  Order A-Level Maths textbooks, start working through it…

Check this site – and check which courses at UK universities would tie in with your calendar.  Essential.

For example – )(4-day residential, Cambridge, 1st week July, 2014).

If aiming for Oxbridge, tests in Maths and-or Physics needed.  Bac S.

Cambridge University – Meeting at La Grande Bossière

Our friendly and helpful contacts at Cambridge University, Dr Caroline Burt (Pembroke) and Dr Richard Partington (Churchill) will be visiting the International School, LGB, to explain what life is like at Cambridge and what you need to do to get there.

Please note the date in your diary – Thursday 21st March, 4pm.  Let me know if you are coming, at  Obviously, if you have lessons, ask permission from both the teacher whose lesson you are missing and from your Préfet.

Oxford University – Computing

Let’s get some Florimont students going to these events!


Inventing the Future: Sixth Form conference in association with the Computing at School group/British Computer Society.

Tue 4th December 2012. Free. Booking essential. The day is aimed at high-achieving Year 12 (and keen Year 11) Maths and Computing students. Book places at this event: Last few places remaining

Provisional Dates for 2012/13 Computer Science Events

The following are provisional dates for events for the coming academic year. Further information and details on how to book will appear on this page in the coming months. Booking is currently not open for any of these events. To receive notifications of when bookings open please sign up to our mailing list.
Further Maths – What Next?

Tue 12th March 2013. Free. Booking essential.

Open to high-achieving Year 12 students who are taking (or due to take in Year 13) A Level Further Maths but are unsure what to study at university.
Women in Computer Science Day

Tue March 19th 2013. Free. Booking essential.

Open to female Year 11 and 12 students (planning on) taking Maths at A Level (or equivalent.)
Computer Science and Philosophy Taster Day

Fri 19th April 2013. Free. Booking essential.

Event for high-achieving Year 12 students who are taking A Level Maths (or equivalent), and considering applying to the Computer Science and Philosophy degree.

Best Universities

Times Higher Education world university rankings 2012-13

1. California Institute of Technology

=2. University of Oxford

=2. Stanford University

4. Harvard University

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. Princeton University

7. University of Cambridge

8. Imperial College London

9. University of California, Berkeley

10. University of Chicago