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UPDATE 2014 – final year about to graduate in 2015.  1 to 1 but also small group tutorials.  NOT application by UCAS – you send an essay, humanities and analytically-focussed.  Separate from UCAS.  ALL CANDIDATES INTERVIEWED.  £18k per year.  2 scholarships – 1 merit-based.  Fees then reduced to £7k per year.  No extra paperwork needed. 2nd form is merit and means based.  

Founded by A C Grayling.  Idea is to fuse depth and the US liberal arts approach.  More to study than at other universities.  Maintain breadth encountered at school.

Founded 2011 – currently 1st years and 2nd years – 110 total.  12 module degree – standard length of UK degree.  Single honours degree would usually be done in isolation.  Not just passing exams but passionate about learning and curious about the world.

Contextual is like a minor.  2 combinations – PPE and PPH.  ie Economics or History.

Core modules – unique to NCH.  Applied ethics (participative lectures)- logic and critical thinking – science literacy.  Degree in humanities – but they don’t wont you to lose touch with such matters as cosmology and evolutionary biology.

Also business skills such as financial literacy, team work, presentation, marketing, business skills, understanding of customers.  CBI publish reports about employment skills that are needed.

2 separate qualifications – University of London (library access etc).  Extra 8 modules – NCH diploma.  This is being marketed to employers – how is this person different?

1 to 1 tutorials and small-group teaching.  12 contact hours compulsory per week.  But lots of independent study needed to do well in those 12 hours. Every week a 1-1 tutorial – essay handed in in advance.  Debate and challenge of your ideas.

Even at Oxbridge, not as much 1 to 1 teaching.  Law and Econ – small-group teaching.