Visit – Edinburgh University, May 2015

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Mhairi Leask presented the university.  Contact her for a feel for how competitive the course is –

  • Founded 1583
  • 32k students
  • 1-3 international
  • 17th in QS world rankings
  • Variously ranked according to the criteria
  • CERN link – Professor Higgs – Nobel-prize winner
  • Fringe – largest Arts Festival in world in August
  • Very high demand – 30k applications for 3.3k places – College of Arts
  • Medical School
  • College of Science and Engineering
  • 4 year degrees
  • Normal study week – c40 hours.
  • Contact hours – 12-25 hours per week.
  • Exchange partners – Autralia, McGill – Toronto – China – N Zealand – Singapore – Barnard, CalTech, UC, Chicago, Georgetown etc
  • For subject information see
  • Free for EU but not UK.  Switzerland not considered part of EU.
  • Scholarships – available for those holding offers to apply to.
  • 51k applications – c5.5k places. ie 10% admit rate!
  • 18th in world for employability
  • Lots of student societies and sports club.  Top 5 in sports in UK.

US Style Degree Courses in the UK

UCL have already introduced a liberal arts degree, it’s called ‘Arts and Sciences
They may be looking to attract students who have a broader secondary education.
Kings College London have a similar programme called, ‘Liberal Art
As it stands at the moment, they are the only two institutions offering this.
Durham has broad based, social science, arts and science programmes.
Scotland also gives more breadth, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc.