University of California

  • 9 campuses.  Only UC application system. Shared app and admission requirements.  Centers in Washington and London
  • 183k undergrads
  • 12% out of state.  190 countries represented
  • NOT cutting or limiting out of state admission.
  • Admission requirements – 1-4 years for various subjects.  No transcript or letters of rec.
  • Comprehensive review – GPA, test scores, courses, quality of curric, performance – achievement is in special projects – etc

UCLA Admissions

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.13.32

86k applications this last year.  Every app read x 2.  Not just test scores – holistic.  2 independent readers – 3rd reader if too much variation.

All is self-reported – lots of trust.  No school report, letter of rec etc.  Application is opening August 1st.

Only 2 cases this year of misleading!  Some variation between prediction and reality is ok.