Salve Regina – Newport, Rhode Island – Patricia McKinney

Beautiful location.  Waterfront.  Island of Mansions.  Small liberal arts – professional.  Education and nursing for ex.  2.6k students, 2k undergrads.  14-1 student prof ratio – small class sizes.  SAT OPTIONAL.



8k-15k merit scholarships.  11 out of 20 in the French Bac.

Credits for Bac.  TOEFL 80 out of 120.  If lower, English for Academic Purposes.

40 majors – no architecture or Engineering.  35 int students currently.  Personalised attention – monthly check-ups on if they’re ok.  2.5 hours from NY.  $10 Rockettes with transport included.  Red Sox.  Boston Celtics do pre-season training for 3 days on the campus.

International Tennis Hall of Fame.  Division 3 Athletics – can play but won’t get scholarship.

Guest speakers e.g. Dalai Lama.

Loyola, Chicago

Catholic.  2 campuses. Student dorms.  City-centre Chicago.  Red-line train.


Business – high-flyers.  Commercial space belongs to students to run businesses.

Not highly-selective.  3rd largest city.  More accessible than many universities.