Colby, Kenyon, Davidson, Claremont McKenna

Colby College, Kenyon, Davidson, Claremont McKenna – Ecole Int, 7th May 2015

California Maine North Carolina Ohio


  • Small colleges – your distinctive contribution may well be of interest !
  • Claremont, Kenyon – top 10 %
  • Colby, Davidson – top 20 %
  • Can submit cv as additonal item
  • Claremont 9 % admit rate
  • jOURNAL during visits
  • Claremont McKenna*
  • originally all-male
  • politics, econ etc
  • Kenyon Ohio*
  • English, Literature, Economics
  • No traffic lights
  • 1837
  • Faculty-student contact
  • Davidson, North Carolina**
  • Bio, Econ, Pol Sci
  • Basketball
  • Sports analytics
  • Co-teaching – e.g. Aids class – Bio teacher, English teacher
  • 3-2 Programme Columbia, Washington
  • Honour code – take your own exams
  • No closed clubs
  • Colby College – Maine*
  • Maine gets v cold
  • 1813 – 12th oldest
  • Waterville nearby
  • 1800 students
  • 12 % international
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Environmental studies, Govt, Econ, English
  • « Jan Plan » – long Jan term, special courses – e.g. « Religious Responses to Harry Potter »
  • Non-credit – premed, blacksmith, furniture
  • Outdoors !

Pepperdine University

35 mins LA – Malibu.  Top 2 safest communities in US.  Private uni.  3.2k undergrads.

Less emphasis on SAT now – native curriculum performance is considered more important.  More flexibility.  More emphasis on whole person.

28% admit rate.

13-1 student faculty ratio.  Mentorship – close contact faculty-students.

Business, Communications, Media & Theatre.

Sports Medicine and Sports Administration.

Div 1 – golf, tennis

7 Pepperdine locations.  60% study abroad.  DC guaranteed internship programme.  (See brochure for more details).

GPA 3.58-3.94.  IB 5 6 typically.

54th out of 4k unis nationally.

Faith-based institution – but lots of religious diversity.  2 tenets from founder – sense of purpose and servant-minded leaders.  Community-serviced.  Student organisatons etc.  World-religions.

Palexpo 31 janvier 2015: Se former et faire carrière à l’international…

Ne manquez pas le salon « formations et carrières internationales »

samedi 31 Janvier 2015 à Palexpo:

Capture d’écran 2014-01-24 à 13.15.17

Pour obtenir une invitation, cliquez ici:

Vous trouverez sur ce salon:

– Un espace « formations Internationales » ouvert aux étudiants Suisses, français et étrangers de niveau post-maturité au Master attirés par un cursus international :

– Des établissements Suisses qui proposent des formations dédiées à l’international.

– Des écoles et universités étrangères Européennes, Canadiennes, Américaines et Australiennes qui viennent présenter leurs programmes.

– Un espace « mobilité internationale », avec des organismes spécialisés dans les séjours linguistiques.

– Des offres d’emplois, jobs et de stages à vocation internationale librement consultables.

Informations pratiques

Date: 31 janvier 2015

Horaires :10h – 18h

Lieu : Palexpo, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Genève

(TPG) : Ligne 5 (Hôpital/Palexpo), Ligne 10 (Onex cité-aéroport), Ligne 28 (Hôpital La Tour- Palexpo-Arena-Jardin Botanique)

Borderline Admission Decisions – UCLA, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Vassar

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.25.44 Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.26.30Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.27.49 Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.27.59

UCLA 18% AR.86k applications, 5.7k enrolled – 1.6k internationals and out of state. 50-50 mix.  Seek low income and 1st generation. No super score.  Self-reporting.  All apps read twice.  NOT LOOKING FOR FIT – TOP ACADEMICS AND LEADERSHIP THE ONLY THINGS THEY’RE LOOKING FOR.

Vanderbilt 13% , 30k applications – 1600 places. 4 colleges – each seeking different kind of student.  Committee process. 4 different processes – depends on the specific school.

Northwestern 13% AR, committee process.

Vassar 22% admit rate. 2.5K, 1.5 hours north of NY.  8K applicants of 650.

Non-academic stuff comes into play where academics are strong across the board. Talent, motivation, engagement, impact.  In a class – balance of interests, talents, backgrounds, perspectives.

  • Meaningful contributions to class?
  • Depth of subject approach?
  • Response to challenges?
  • What would they bring?
  • What would they gain?

Case Study

Francois Yang – male, Asian, Canadian citizenship, born France, English 1st lang, Chinese at home, French – S, R, W.  Parents uni-educated. Goes to a school where most go to university.  AP curriculum.  No rank.  Class size 144. GPA 3.99/4.  All As.  SAT 740 R, MATH 770, Writing 770.  Subject tests Chinese 800, Math 800, History 780.  8 x AP. Student government, community service, athletics, YMCA counselor.  Personal essay.  Recs – foreign lang top 1-5%, AP chem top 1%.  Enthusiastic school counsellor.


Responses from the universities.  Typical involvements, typical essays, good numbers but the rest is « average ».  For UCLA, you only have his essay and you haven’t really got an impression of who he is.

WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT YOURSELF IN 2 MINUTES?  Make sure the 2 sides match up – counsellor and student.

What does it mean for a European to « sell themselves »?  Unis have outside readers, trained as experts for the region they are reading.  They understand cultural context and learn about other systems. 

And what if we change the factors?  E.g. gender, race, parental educational background. Will he be admitted or not?  At Vassar, every application is discussed.  Under-represented students have certainly been prioritised so even sb with great numbers may not be a priority.  UCLA – cannot take race and gender into account.  Citizenship and residency CAN be factored in but doesn’t change selectivity level.  Also lang at home and parental education.

What can the student do?  Be honest and open about who they are.  NO DISCONNECT BETWEEN RECS AND ESSAYS!

  • variation…
  • activities
  • writing
  • recommendations
  • school location and type
  • legacy, institutional ties
  • demonstrated interest
  • major or school interest
  • early or regular
  • financial need

Most essays are fine, don’t stand out.  WHAT MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A REALLY INTERESTING PERSON?!!  Keep things short and pithy!

Vassar consider legacy but legacy varies by university.  No relevance to UC.  No demonstrated interest relevance at UC.  But Major and School IS taken into account by UC.

Financial need plays.  Vanderbilt – international scholarships, merit-based – need-blind.  UCLA need-blind for all but no scholarships.

ED – Northwestern 2k freshman – 43% was ED – sig chunk international. c100 Varsity athletes in the 2k.

Vanderbilt – 40% ED.

NCAA v NAIA – Collegiate Sports

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 17.07.13Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 17.12.03Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 17.12.45


Carroll College – Montana – small liberal arts college. 13-1 staff ratio. Great skiing.  1475 students.  Looking to recruit international students.

  • No dominant group
  • 40 majors
  • Undergraduate institution, no teaching assistants
  • Average class size 16.
  • Internship programme.
  • Soccer, cross-country, golf, football team.

Texas Christian University

  • Bigger than Carroll – thousands.
  • Lots of building has been done.
  • Mascot is horned frog.
  • Northern part of Texas – Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  • Lots of sports



  • Founded 1906
  • in charge of  sports in unis – Div 1, 2 and 3.
  • Div 1 & 2 offer scholarships.
  • Div 3 are academic scholarships not athletic
  • Division 2 institutions are the largest
  • 0-1% of high school students end up professional
  • Division 3 – balance of academics and competitive athletics
  • Better balance than higher levels.  Less competition.
  • Scholarships – limited by NCAA.  Full scholarship – everything (e.g. basketball – track and field, men and women soccer.
  • Partial scholarships
  • Eligibility – reg fee $130, register during junior year (1ère)
  • Have to submit transcripts, leaving certificates, SAT scores
  • SUBMIT ASAP!  Additional info may be necessary
  • They check you’re an amateur.
  • Division 1 – 5 year clock
  • Corresponding with coaches – send emails direct ot university coaches, telephone calls, send videos of yourself in action, find coaches’ email addresses – refer to NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete
  • NCAA limits number of scholarships.  Awarded to athletes by coaches and can vary in amount.



  • founded 1937
  • comparable to NCAA Division 2 and 3
  • 255 member institutions
  • Often religiously-affiliated
  • 13 sports
  • 22 conferences
  • Divisions 1 & 2
  • « Champions of Character » – integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, servant leadership
  • $120 fee, register just after junior year, submit SATs, reports, translations, class ranking.  Top 50% of class. 860 SAT.
  • Have to be amateurs, never paid for what they have done. Can’t promote producs.


Differences between the NCAA and NAIA.

  • Div 1 & 2 – v large research institutions – NAIA – everything smaller
  • Strict coach-student contact rules NCAA – less strict NAIA
  • Scholarships only Div 1 and 2 NCAA, both divisions NAIA

Similarities – must be amateurs, minimum academic standards.  Limits on semesters of competition.

Certain sports recruit v early – e.g. women’s soccer recruit 2 years earlier.  As long as the students visit at their own expense.

Internationals mostly in track, tennis and golf…but in basketball as well for example.

Minimum academic requirements in NCAA – check details for your country.