Public Universities – The Ohio State, Rutgers, Washington

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Rutgers – 65k, 3 locations, largest in US.  1776 – 8th oldest.  Big 10.

Ohio State – 175 undergrad courses, 1 campus, internationalisation, 16% international.

Uni Washington – Seattle, campus – Lake Washington – tailgating on boats.  180 grad majors.  Public health.

Public unis don’t specilaise – mission tied to state.  Research-driven – according to state mission and legislature.  Limitations or not on non-residents.

85% NJ students.

Ohio no limits.  No more than 30% non-resident.  want to increase diversity and more varied majors not just business and engineering.  E.g  architecture, dance, music.  No more than 25% out of state.

Washington – 75% must be resident.  Admit rate – 60% resident.  50% out of state.  40% international.  UCs admit to majors – Washington not.

Rutgers push to Asia, China not Europe.

Ohio regional campuses but internationals only to Columbus campus

OSU 8k, admit 2.7k, enroll 500.

UW 7.6k apply, 3k, 1000

RU 2.5, 1.7, 650.

Earlier deadlines!  Ohio state – rolling but apply early.  Lots of ways of waiving IELTS.