TOEFL – Latest Information

TOEFL Session, NACAC 2013 Conference

  • Reading, Listening, 10m break, Speaking, Writing. 30 marks available for each section – total 120.
  • Daily calibration, multiple raters for speaking and writing, scoring is separate from the testing site…worldwide responses.
  • To take the test, the student must create an online profile – user name and password. Can add universities to send the scores to. View test scores 10 days afterwards…etc
  • ID is needed at the test center on test day
  • Universities may look at the total score but also section scores depending on their academic programme.
  • Brown University – no longer requires TOEFL but highly recommends it. Minimum score of 100 – beyond that, they don’t really look that closely at who got 118 or 105. They accept IELTS however.
  • Do Brown superscore the TOEFL ? No.
  • Why does Brown like the TOEFL ? (Panetha Ott, Director of Admission, International Recruitment, Brown) Because of the fact that person-to-person adds many other factors. In TOEFL, best scholars involved from around the world.
  • Perfect measure ? No – student can have a bad day..Ms Ott has taught TOEFL over the summer and can see how it doesn’t always measure everything.
  • Students should learn which sections they need to work on in particular. Most often Reading section.
  • Their results are only as good as their intellectual development – e.g. 14-year olds.
  • Rebecca Koeller – Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada – Assistant Registrar, International Admissions.
  • They expect 92 upwards…they have compared TOEFL with their European Framework of Languages expectations.
  • TOEFL has a Youtube channel – tips on learning English, preparing for the test etc.  See
  • 9 for IELTS, 120 for TOEFL. TOEFL allows for better discrimination. Comparison tool on their website.