Patric Bourgeacq – ACT.  Clay Hensley – College Board.  Vanderbilt & Ohio reps.


  • Lots of info on the College Board website.
  • Critical Reading, Math, Writing.
  • Many students submit both SAT and ACT.
  • Grades in college prep, strength of curric and test scores are the top 3 criteria in admissions
  • Critical reading – Maths – Writing.  3 hours, 45 mins.
  • Writing section is most predictive.
  • Average SAT scores of int students reveal outstanding levels of performance
  • Heart of the revised SAT will be analysing evidence
  • Eliminating need for test prep – full framework in Jan 2014.
  • New tests spring 2015.


  • Admissions test
  • Universities let student decide
  • 5 sections – Eng, Math, Reading, Science, Writing – curriculum based
  • Measures core coursework students learning in school
  • Core curriculum
  • Some will perform better on this rather than SAT
  • Differences – act knowledge, SAT skills.  Maths content – Science on ACT.  No penalty for guessing, ACT.  Writing is optional.
  • Going digital 2015 – starting US.

SAT Preparation

A colleague sent the following mail –

As for the SAT prep I mentioned, I am very satisfied and impressed with the services that AlphaPrep (based in Connecticut) provides to my students both in the intensive workshops we hold on campus twice a year AND through their skype tutoring and online computer tool. They offer a unique and powerful way to organize a student’s time and attention when preparing for this type of test.


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Josh Lippman