Les premiers pas dans la vie étudiante… l’EPFL.

Nos élèves ont participé aux deux journées portes ouvertes. Un marathon…

Les séances d’information et la visite du campus le jeudi,  le vendredi pour mettre la main à la pâte et prolonger la théorie par la pratique.

Les journées portes ouvertes de 2011 en images:


Et, pour aller plus loin, les différents filières de l’EPFL en texte et en images:


Terminale Students in UCAS

A reminder from UCAS –



Once we have received all decisions by universities and colleges, we will email the applicant to ask them to look at Track.

There is no single date for all applicants. The deadline for replying is displayed in Track – this will depend on the applicant’s circumstances, such as when the last decision was made.

View a list of main deadlines and reply dates here.

They reply to each offer with one of the following responses:

Firm acceptance – The firm acceptance is the applicant’s first choice. Applicants can have only one firm acceptance.

Insurance acceptance – An applicant can accept an offer as an insurance choice if their firm choice is a conditional offer. An insurance choice can act as a useful back-up to their firm choice. They should be aware that an insurance acceptance becomes a firm acceptance if their original firm choice is not confirmed.

Decline – An applicant must decline all other offers. If they decline all offers received without selecting a firm acceptance, they will then become eligible for Extra or Clearing.

If You Have Received No UK Offers…

UCAS Extra:24 February

UCAS Extra is available from 24 February 2012, and is for applicants who have used all five choices on their application but are holding no offers – they may have been unsuccessful or they may have declined their offers. Extra gives those applicants the chance to maintain their motivation by adding additional choices, one at a time, before Clearing. Extra is applicant driven and all choices are made through the online Track service. Last year over 9,500 applicants obtained a place in higher education through Extra.

Courses that have places available may be selected from 24 February 2012 in Course Finder<http://links.email.ucasmedia.com/ctt?kn=21&ms=NDM4OTY3MAS2&r=MjE3OTg5ODU2NDAS1&b=0&j=MjYyNzY1NzAwS0&mt=1&rt=0> (as a search option) or in Course Search<http://links.email.ucasmedia.com/ctt?kn=10&ms=NDM4OTY3MAS2&r=MjE3OTg5ODU2NDAS1&b=0&j=MjYyNzY1NzAwS0&mt=1&rt=0> (where courses with Extra places available are marked with an ‘x’). Not all courses are available in Extra and applicants should research availability not only through the UCAS website but also directly with universities and colleges.